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XYcolo Doll(silicone) (56)

XYcolo Doll is a low-priced, high-priced doll launched in Beijing, China in 2018 with the slogan of Soul for dolls , where professionals with more than 15 years of doll development and manufacturing experience gather. A quality silicone doll brand. A soulful doll is a complete artificial lover who has not only a sculpture on the surface of the face and body, but also a realistic skeleton. XYcolo is more than just a sex toy for play. The body material of the doll is high quality medical platinum silicone that is harmless to the human body made in Japan, and the metal skeleton that enables realistic poses is a lightweight stainless steel skeleton with the largest number of XYcolo joints in the industry. We promise to deliver dolls with attractive looks and realistic textures to our customers. In addition, XYcolo Doll has a repair point in Japan, so you can get a safe hour service.

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