Cosdoll(TPE&Silicone) (19)


Cosdoll mainly uses "high cost, high quality silicone head + TPE body" and has succeeded in achieving amazing realism at a low price by achieving a high level of manufacturing while improving production efficiency through technological breakthroughs.
Currently, there is no official Cosdoll website in Japan. There are several websites that advertise themselves as official websites, but in fact they are not.
In addition, official pictures are used on several sales and auction sites, and the same pictures are sold at different prices and in different qualities and qualities.
Therefore, it is possible that the actual product you receive is a copy.
On the other hand, we contacted the real factory of Cosdoll and were able to make sure that the product you received was of exactly the same quality as in the promotional photos.

And we only sell their highest grade S series products to ensure you get the best product.
This manufacturer not only produces love dolls with normal functions, but also has been working hard to develop products that meet various customer needs, such as little love voice functions and electric oral functions, one after another.