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    f you want a handy and not very heavy doll, this Sanhui is a good option. Her shapes are super realistic, and after powdering she feels nice, especially with skin texture. If you don't like big (exaggerated) breasts, but like smaller and nice(r) then this doll is also a good option. Her length takes some getting used to, but otherwise not difficult, rather handy. The quality seems to be fine so far, and I actually like everything about this doll. The head - the make-up - the articulated fingers - the body make up permanent pigmentation - skin texture, most are additional options that are all worth paying a little more for I think. Communication with Jason was super during the order. Questions were answered clearly and patiently, and he also knows very well what he is talking about. With a possible new doll I would definitely take kumadoll as a vendor again.
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    This is my first time buying a doll But it was very frustrating that the delivery guy broke the box. But Jason decided to replace me with a new doll for free, thanks a lot, nice people nice shop. Anyway, thanks to kumadoll.
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    I actually got one of the Jarliet dolls and wow... just amazing buying from Kuma! You'll never go wrong.
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    This is my first sex doll purchase. Kumadoll was helpful in answer my question. How long was production? Around 7-10 days, maybe some delays, so 10-12 days. Since I got the default doll and there was no customization, there wasnt any factory photo. It was shipped shortly afterwards. I was a bit hesitate, but all I could do was wait. The shipping process took about 3-4 days, which was surprisingly fast, considering all things. It was supposed to be delayed 5-6 days. Upon arrival, on the outside appearance, there didnt seem to be any damage. The inner cardboard box though, at the top where the neck was screwed onto, was dented a little. After unscrewing it and popping the head on, everything was ok. The doll comes with a small comb, a skimpy white bikini, an allen screwdriver (for the screw on the neck), and a bolt screw thing for the head. The doll quality was fantastic!! Thank you, Kumadoll!!
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    Wow, the realism is great, I really like it,this is one of the most realistic dolls I've ever bought. Also, thanks Jason, great customer service! I'm sorry I asked a bunch of questions LOL
    Service: Thanks again for your order and it was a pleasure to serve you.
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    Wow she is beautiful and looks like a real woman standing next to that vehicle
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    Yes,this one is a full silicone doll with realistic makeup,that makes she look more like a real girl.
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    Thanks to kumadoll, I was looking for this doll and finally found it at kumadoll. I especially like the natural sagging of the breasts, just like real breasts.
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    Mujhse sex toys ko kharidna hai
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    Thanks for your comment, but you didn't say what doll you wanted to buy.
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    This is my girl. Better than I expected, please ignore my messy bed LOL It was a great shopping experience.
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    Tehsil Fort Abbas District Bahawalnagar city Marot chak No 331hr 03496290389
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    Hello, I'm very much interested in this, Julia is my favorite! Please send more photos to my email for better understanding. With and without makeup if possible.
    Service: Hi,thank you for your comment, I have sent the factory photos to your email address.

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    hi you can have more photos of this product ? thanks .. for examination better thanks . how bigger the box cover ? in cm thanks
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    We'll send the photos to you by email.

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    I want cash on delivery type
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    But I'm sorry we currently don't have the cash on delivery type.
    Below is our acceptable payment way.
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    I got a really good doll and I love her. She looks great and is awesome to use! And I should say the customer service is really great. Many thanks!
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    This doll is very cure, it's amazing for the robot function, I love it.
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    I want to feel
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    She looks amazing. I will put her into my next doll list
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    In my opinion, artdoll is the second great sex doll brand, because their dolls are very realistic and much lighter than other brands, and their insert vagina is pretty good.
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    wow, she looks like a real elf. damn,why didn't she show up before I bought another one.0_0
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