Kumadoll membership system description

Kumadoll's membership system is officially online! Thank you for participating in the invited customer test.

1. Description of membership level

Kumadoll membership is free to join and comes with several perks across all 5 tiers! When the growth points reach the required threshold of each level, it will automatically upgraded, with no downgrades except in special situations.

Member : free to join, 0-1000 growth points

Silver VIP :1000-3000 growth points

Gold VIP:3000-5000 growth points

Platinum VIP : 5000-7000 growth points

Diamond VIP :7000-9000 growth points

2. Growth points description: 

1) Sign up for a 500-point bonus.  

2) Earn one point for every dollar spent.

3) The cancellation of an order deducts the corresponding growth points.

* For customers who placed orders before the launch of this membership system, we will also add growth points for you. However, due to the large amount of order data, we will first add the growth value for customers who have successfully placed orders on this website during the year. After that, we will add growth points to customers who have placed orders before.

3. Description of member rights and interests

1) Extra discount Exclusive coupon

Member: exclusive 2% extra coupon(coupon code:member2023)

Silver VIP: exclusive 4% extra coupon(coupon code:sliver2023)

Gold VIP:exclusive 6% extra coupon(coupon code:golden2023)

Platinum VIP:exclusive 8% extra coupon(coupon code:platinum2023)

Diamond VIP:exclusive 10% extra coupon(coupon code:diamond2023)

2) Member's privilege

① First order discount, extra $50 off for each TPE doll, extra $100 off for each silicone doll.

(coupon code for TPE doll:firstorder50    

coupon code for Silicone doll:firstorder100)

② Member's day: orders placed on the 20th of each month will receive double awards points.

③ Exclusive products for members (some new products, pre-sale products priority view and purchase).

④ Members only newspaper (collect the latest information about the doll).

⑤ Discord sever for members.

Members birthday gifts: accessories, clothes, awards points.

4. Rewards Points description:

1)Kumadoll rewards points expire if your account is completely inactive for 18 months.

2)50 rewards points can redeem 1 dollar.

3)How to earn points:

① Registration: 500 points.

② Daily check-in: (This feature will be added in the near future).

③ All levels of membership earn one point for every dollar spent.

④ The date of customer registration can redeem one birthday gift per year, gift package content: accessories, clothes, rewards points.

⑤ Prize wheel(This feature will be added in the near future).

⑥ After the order is completed Write a comment with pictures can earn 400 awards points. Comment without pictures can earn 200 awards points.

The membership system will be on trial until December 31, 2023. In the meantime, you are welcome to give us your advice about it. Once your proposal is accepted, we will give you 1,000 rewards points.