5 things you want to know about KUMADOLL

1.Why buy dolls from KUMADOLL but not from the factory

1) Pre-sales communication: 

Factories usually do not have foreign language departments, you can leave messages on the official website, but often do not get a reply, or take a long time to get a reply. While KUMADOLL can provide 12 hours fast reply service, even on the day off can provide 24 hours fast reply service.

2)Price advantage: 

KUMADOLL can provide you with lower prices, this is because we are the general agent of many brands, you can get lower prices.

3)After-sales service: 

This is the most important reason, if there is any problem with your order after the production is finished or during the delivery, we will help you to communicate with the factory until the problem is solved.

Compared with yourself, it is obviously more advantageous for us to communicate with the factory.

2.Why KUMADOLL didn't join "TDF"- The Doll forum?

Actually, we did submit an application to join the TDF forum, but the TDF administrator told us that they have almost stopped new applications. Here is the reply email records from TDF support team, so this's why we can't join TDF.

3. Why I haven't heard of KUMADOLL before

KUMADOLL is a top quality realistic love dolls online store since 2018.
We started in the Japanese market and are currently ranked number one in the Japanese market in terms of sales share due to our excellent customer service. 
Started to enter the European and American markets in the second half of 2020.
Every brand uploaded on our website has undergone an actual factory visit. 

All of our products are from source manufacturers and meet our standards.

As time goes by, I‘m sure more and more people will know and like our website.

If you have any suggestions about my website that can help us do better, please feel free to let us know.

4. What is the difference between KUMA-DOLL and KUMADOLL?

Can I place an order at KUMA-DOLL if I am from the US?

KUMA-DOLL is only for Japanese customers, KUMADOLL is for global customers. 

So for customers outside of Japan, you can only complete orders at KUMADOLL.

5. I can only find the product I want on KUMA-DOLL, but I can't find it on KUMADOLL, how can I place an order?

Sorry we are still uploading the products on the KUMADOLL website, we have more than 40 brands, it will take some time.
The good news is that almost all products you see on KUMA-DOLL can be purchased at KUMADOLL, except those that are geographically restricted, such as RZRdoll.
Welcome to contact us, you just need to tell us the product you need, we will upload it for you first so that you can place your order.

6.Why are the prices of kumadoll and kuma-doll products are different?
It doesn't seem to match the exchange rate

Actually this is because the manufacturer's pricing for the Japanese market is different from other markets.
It's the same strategy as Apple's phone, for different markets, the manufacturer's pricing is different.
This is why you will see different prices on kuma-doll and kumadoll site.
Its not directly converted according to the exchange rate.