How to pay for your order at KUMADOLL

 There are 3 ways to complete the payment at KUMADOLL.

1. Credit Card

You can use your credit card to complete payment of your order. We support ※Visa/Mastercard/JCB/Maestro credit card now. Please contact your bank if payment failed.


PayPal is a very convenient and secure payment method, we recommend that you use PayPal to complete the order payment in kumadoll.You don't need a PayPal account, and you can also use your credit or Debit card to pay. Please do not pay directly, when we see your order, we'll make a payment invoice for you completing payment. 

How does the invoice work?

Step1 Open the  invoice and  click the  "Pay" button

Step2 Fill in your PayPal account or click "Pay with Credit or Debit card" button

Step 3 Fill in your credit card information

Step 4 Fill in Billing address and Click "Pay now"

3.Western Union / Bank Transfer

If you choose the Bank Transfer/Western Union and checkout.  You will get an order ID and use the order ID as a reference. Please send a bank transfer for your order amount to the bank account below. We will send you an order confirmation when we receive your payment.


Bank Swift Code: BOFAUS3N

Please notes Payment for goods in the remittance details.

If you have any questions, please contact for help.