Kumadoll Shipping Instructions 

Free shipping and customs taxes to the following countries and regions: USA,Canada,Japan,Singapore,HK and so on

1)For customers in USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and most of Southeast Asian Countries, we will waive all taxes and shipping charges for you.

2)For customers in EU countries, we now have 3 ways to deliver to you.

①UPS normal shipping, this method usually takes 10-15 days to deliver.

We will deliver to customs, you need to complete the customs clearance by yourself, we will provide the required documents for customs clearance.

②Dedicated air transportation, this method usually takes 15-30 days to deliver.

You do not need to face customs, just sit at home and wait for the doll to be delivered. However, you will need to pay an additional fee of $100-$300. 

It depends on the size and value of your doll.

We will use Dedicated air transportation lines by default. If you want other method, please contact us.

*note 01:Dedicated shipping needs to update the website information only after the customs clearance is completed, if you find that your tracking number has not been updated with logistics information, don't worry, please contact us,we'll keep you updated.

*note 02:Due to changes in European customs policies from time to time, you may sometimes encounter customs clearance failures.
Please understand that this situation may require another customs clearance, which may result in a delay in delivery.

③Dedicated European trucking transportation.,this method usually takes 30-35 days to deliver.
This way you don't have to pay any extra operating costs or shipping costs and customs taxes,we'll take care all of it. The downside is that it takes about a month to deliver, but we can make sure the doll is delivered safely.

3)Most of the countries in Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia and Africa, South America do not support sending sex dolls due to policies and child laws, just like Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Africa, Mexico, Pakistanand Brazil.

About Korea, Korea's import policy changes frequently, and in most cases the import of sex dolls is prohibited.

What is certain is that it is safe to send doll heads and accessories.
For customers in these areas, we do not recommend that you place an order, as this may result in you suffering a loss. Unless you have the ability to take care of customs issues yourself, or find a great custom clearance agent company who can take care of these possible customs issues.

Shipping & Delivery Time

It might take 2 - 4 weeks for manufacturing and shipping for customized dolls. 

In-stock dolls can be delivered within 3-7 days. Exceptions may apply.

Free adult hand-signing service (UPS only)

For U.S. customers, we often add an adult hand-signing service at no extra charge to increase the chances of your package arriving safely when using UPS for delivery.
If you are not comfortable signing for your package in person, or do not need this service for any other reason, please contact us to cancel it.

On Site Order Tracking Available

Your package will be shipped by UPS,FedEx or DHL.

Once it’s shipped, we will send you the tracking number by email.

You can also find the tracking information in the order details on our website as below:

Step 1:Login to our site, find the order you need to track, click on the order number or "detail" to enter the order details;

Step 2:Find your tracking information in the order tracking section below.

Note: The dedicated shipping method is different from the regular courier, it usually requires the arrival of the doll in Europe before there will be further status updates on the website.

Discreet Packaging

We pack all our dolls in a plain carton box. No information will indicate that this is a doll, in some cases we sign the product as a mannequin. In some countries the box may be opened at customs in order to determine the tax on the imported product.

We also support the delivery of dolls to the service locations of these shipping company.

Any Questions about shipment, please contact sales@kumadoll.com