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  • 2023-07-30
    The size of the doll is perfect! The doll is soft, and the tongue is great for kissing! The nipples are also nice to play with.

    I took her to Walmart this morning so I could buy girls' underwear without people giving me weird looks, and it worked! I'm already saving up for the next doll.

    I'd love for Irokebijin to make a happy loli face :D, or an even smaller doll with the same proportions. The proportion's on this doll are perfect.

    Kumadoll has great customer support. I plan on buying from them whenever they have the doll I want.
    Service:Wow, very nice to receive your review, your dolls are beautifully dressed. We think that companionship is an equally important feature of the doll. If you have any problems with it, feel free to ask us.

  • 2023-03-03
    This is my first time buying a doll
    But it was very frustrating that the delivery guy broke the box.
    But Jason decided to replace me with a new doll for free, thanks a lot, nice people nice shop.
    Anyway, thanks to kumadoll.
    Service:Thank you for choosing us and hope you'll have a great time with your doll.
  • 2022-11-18
    This is my first sex doll purchase. Kumadoll was helpful in answer my question. How long was production? Around 7-10 days, maybe some delays, so 10-12 days.
    Since I got the default doll and there was no customization, there wasnt any factory photo. It was shipped shortly afterwards. I was a bit hesitate, but all I could do was wait.
    The shipping process took about 3-4 days, which was surprisingly fast, considering all things. It was supposed to be delayed 5-6 days.
    Upon arrival, on the outside appearance, there didnt seem to be any damage. The inner cardboard box though, at the top where the neck was screwed onto, was dented a little. After unscrewing it and popping the head on, everything was ok. The doll comes with a small comb, a skimpy white bikini, an allen screwdriver (for the screw on the neck), and a bolt screw thing for the head. The doll quality was fantastic!! Thank you, Kumadoll!!

    Thanks for your order.
    Whenever our customers receive their dolls safely and are satisfied, it is our happiest moment. If you have any questions in using, please feel free to contact us.