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  • 2024-03-09
    Just received the doll, extremely well protected. The doll is amazing, better look in real. I am really amazed by the quality of this product for the price. I had a lot of mini doll and this one is over all of them. Special thank to the team at kumadoll for their great service. I will buy from them again for sure

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  • 2024-02-15
    very beautiful and very well made for its size ,and i’m loving it

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  • 2023-12-10
    I've never heard of the Only Love doll brand before seeing this exact product so it was a bit of a gamble. However, they really did a good job!

    The factory photos I looked over seemed to be taken before painting, so what I actually got was way nicer than the product page or factory photos really showed. The doll skin's texture is done to look fairly realistic, with varied colors and little blue veins for great detail.

    The silicone is fairly firm, but the breasts are clearly gel. The firmer silicone honestly gives the doll a sense of durability and realism that TPE does not. As my first silicone doll I wish I had gotten it before the others as I don't know if I'd ever bother with TPE again. The sensations from handling and use are superior to TPE in my opinion.

    The internal texture is an irregular pattern of ridges with a kind of line resembling a spine along the back of the tunnel from what I saw with the endoscope in the vaginal orifice. It is great!

    Unfortunately, there is an anal cavity that I can't really figure out. It was initially sealed, but that can be a normal practice with some brands. I managed to open it to reveal a smooth tunnel with a width about the size of a pen's tip. I struggled to get my endoscope in there at all. I'm not sure it opens more. I can't force my pinkie finger in it, let alone anything else. Even if I could, it would likely be uncomfortably small. Besides it is listed as being only 8cm deep and on a 70cm silicone doll there are limits that are to be expected. Thus treat the anal cavity as decoration more or less.

    However, I still give it 5 stars for a few reasons: Decently realistic dolls in the 70cm range are incredibly rare, the attention to detail is superb, the shipping packaging was amazing (tight fitting foam encasing the doll from every angle), and the main hole is incredible.
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  • 2023-08-12
    This doll is very well made and high quality. Looks just as pictured.the hands and feet are made of harder silicone which is a plus for durability. The breast are a softer silicone and feels lifelike. The complete doll is made up of three different shore hardness of silicone integrated into one another. It even has hinged ankles and feet. Over all great value for the money and we'll worth the price. A doll of this quality and size is hard to find. Excellent! A++

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