Sinodoll 4th Anniversary Promotion is coming!

Sinodoll 4th Anniversary Promotion page!

Promotion details

1. Buy topsino 145cm+ whole set of dolls you will get a sino 4 anniversary 60cm doll (with painting)

2. Buy sino and GDsino 152cm+ whole set of dolls you will get a sino 4 anniversary 60cm doll  (without painting).

You have to pay extra $400 if you need the painting option.

Note: These 60cm small doll gifts are only for viewing.

Sinodoll haven't open holes in the part of vagina and anal so it cannot be used for sexual functions.

So you can feel free to share their photos to forums just like BJD.

Advantages of these 60cm dolls.
1. beautiful face, light weight, equal proportional reduction of the body, so you can easily take more beautiful pictures.
2. reinforced joints, this time the whole body joints are specially made according to the standards of large dolls, which makes it more solid and durable.

If you want to see the detail photos of the 60cm silicone doll, you can find them in below links:

1. 60cm small breast doll:

2. 60cm big breast doll:

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