kumadoll Christmas Sale Collection Page !

kumadoll Christmas Sale is coming soon!

This is the kumadoll Christmas Sale infomation collection page, this is the last promotion for 2022. Let's pick a lovely doll for yourself as a Christmas gift.

Event target: All brand dolls

Event period: Dec 10-31

Event content:

Thanks to your support of our website, you can still enjoy good discounts during the Christmas promotion.
1. Starting from December 10, we will select 2 items from the products with the highest customer interest every day and offer 10% off. Please don't miss this event if you missed the Black Friday event.

2. For those products that are not selected, you can also use the coupon to enjoy up to 8% off. Please check this link to learn how to use kumadoll coupon.


3. This campaign is exclusive to kumadoll.com.
This campaign coexists with the brand campaign, which means you can enjoy both the discounts from this campaign and all the freebies from the brand.
We reserve the right of final interpretation of this campaign.

4. Please bookmark this page as we will be updating the list of promotions for each brand here so you can quickly see what offers are available to you.

Brand Promotion Information


Date: From Dec 10-17

Buy Full silicone set doll, will enjoy below options for free(save $850)

1)Free Oral Function($400)

2)Hard Feet($80)

3)Soft Butt($250)

4)Implanted Eyebrow($120)

2. GDsinodoll

Date: From Dec 8-15

Buy Full silicone set GD sinodoll, will enjoy below options for free(save $700).

1)Smooth Matte Effect Face Makeup($300)

2)S class Makeup-body($400)

Date: From Nov 1-Dec 31
Buy Full set WMdoll, will enjoy below options for free(save $1500)

1)Free 2nd Head

2)Free realistic body makeup

3)Free gel breasts

4)Free Articulated finger

5)Free standing feet

6)Breathing function (only pay $100)

7)Clean set (only pay $180)

8)Free EVO skeleton

3.Fanreal doll 

Date: From Dec 10-31

Event Contents:New body 163cm/158cm/173cm set doll will enjoy 10% amazing discount !!

4.ZELEX doll
Date: From Nov 17-Dec 15
Event Contents:All full Silicone set doll will get:
1)Free Automatically Sucking Vagina (170,X165 only)
2)Free Kneadable Gel-filled Buttock (170,X165,165 only)
3)Free Hyper Realistic Gel-filled Breasts
4)Free Free articulated fingers
5)Free Standing Feet without Bolts
6)Free Human-like Body Painting
7)Free Movable jaw with Oral Structure
8)Free 2nd head(Supports specified head model)

9)Free EVO skeleton

5.Irontech Doll

Date: From Dec 10-Jan 5

Event Contents:

TPE dolls: Buy all full TPE set doll will get

1)Free 2nd head

2)Free Gel Breast

3)Free EVO Skeleton

4)Free Standing Feet

5)Free Articulated fingers

6)Free Vagina Axtomatic Clamp & Suck

7)Free Random outfit

Silicone dolls: Buy all full sililicone set doll will get

1)Free 2nd Head
2)Free Gel Breast
3)Free Gel Butt
4)Free Articulated Finger Joints & hard hand
5)Free EVO Skeleton
6)Free Standing Feet Without Bolt
7)Free Softer Internal Vagina
8)Free Realistic Body Painting
9)Free Random outfit
10)Free Vagina Axtomatic Clamp & Suck

6. ZELEX doll

Date: From Dec 16-Jan 15

Event Contents:

Buy any set doll of ZELEX, Come With Dolls By Default:

1)Masturbator Cup
2)Auto matically Sucking Vagina(170,X165)
3)Free 2nd Head
4)Kneadable Gel-Filled Buttock (170、X165、165)
5)Hyper Realistic Gel-Filled Breasts
6)Standing Feet Without Bolts(Hard Feet)
7)Human-Like Body Painting
8)Movable Jaw With Oral Structure(Heads from Inspiration Series)
9)Articulated Finger Skeleton

If you have any questions, please contact: sales@kumadoll.com



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