2024 Holidays Schedule of Chinese New Year for all kumadoll manufacturers

kumadoll Manufacturer's Chinese New Year Holiday Schedule 2024
  Thank you for your continuous support and help to kumadoll.
The 2024 Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday is coming soon and most of the manufacturers are about to start their Lunar New Year Holiday at the beginning of February until the middle of February.
During the vacation, factories will stop production and shipment, so your order may be delayed until after the holiday.
kumadoll, as in previous years, will continue to receive your orders and respond to your questions even during the holiday period.
If you are planning to purchase a doll in the near future, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible.
  Obviously, due to the Chinese New Year holiday's no one is working.
Therefore, a large number of orders are bound to pile up during the holiday season.
This means that the sooner you submit your order, the sooner your order will be at the top of the production queue. Instead of having to wait until after the entire batch of orders has been placed for the Spring Festival.
This means you will get your dolls before anyone else.
Our U.S. warehouse stock dolls are available for normal shipment throughout the holiday season.

We cannot restock during the Chinese New Year, so if there is a doll in stock that you like, please buy it before anyone else does.



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