TAYU doll Temporary Take Down Notice

TAYU dolls Temporary Take Down Notice.

  We regret to inform you, kumadoll members and customers, that we have been forced to temporarily remove all TAYU products from our shelves due to the brutal demands of the TAYU US general vendor.
  As you know, TAYU's brand name in Japan is Art-doll. kumadoll is the general vendor of TAYU in Japan.

  Due to business development, more and more European and American customers noticed kumadoll and asked us if we could open an English website to facilitate orders and inquiries. So we established our English website in 2020 and started its operation.

  After continuous efforts, our website has been recognized by more and more customers.
However, TAYU's US general vendor jumped out and they refused to recognize our English website and refused to provide us with the latest product pictures and campaign programs.

  Recently, we don't know by what means they have convinced the manufacturer to ask us to take all TAYU products off the shelves.

  Frankly speaking, we don't understand this kind of thing which is obviously not good for TAYU brand promotion, but due to the pressure from the manufacturer, we can only accept to take down all the TAYU products on the English website for the time being.

  We are really sorry about this,But don't want to complain too much.

  We wish TAYU as a brand to become better and better!

  We will continue to fight for the right to relaunch our products on the English site.

To thank you for your support and love, we will continue to introduce and update the details of TAYU on this page to help you understand more about this brand.

Information about TAYU doll

  If you would like to refer to the product images, please click here to our Japanese website to learn more about it.

Art-doll products list(Tayudoll)

  kumadoll is still the sole distributor of TAYU in Japan, and that will remain unchanged. 

You can still contact us by e-mail to inquire about TAYU products.

Any question, please contact sales@kumadoll.com


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