Top-Sino doll 155cm H-cup ACE Soft-Max new doll is open to sale!!

Top-Sino doll 155cm H-cup ACE Soft-Max doll is open to sale!!

It has been a year since the “Soft-Max” models launched. During this time, Sino-doll has never stopped upgrading and developing its products. Deeply studying user needs, functional research and development, and product design jointly point the way for us to move forward. The household name of "Soft-Max" is the greatest encouragement and the most positive feedback to Sino-doll's product design, technology and service spirit! At the same time, doll lovers are increasingly calling for the technological integration between Top-sino’s ultimate sensory experience and “Soft-Max technology. The craftsmanship and technology of both have reached the level of perfection, but when it comes to integrating with each other, it is not as simple and crude as the words.
The new 「Ace Soft-Max」model T155 is integrating practical value, visual enjoyment and spiritual pursuit.
Here's this feature update:

The article is an introduction to a new realistic doll called the 「Ace Soft-Max」T155 launched by Sino-doll company. Here are the key points of the article translated into English:

1. **Product Upgrade and Innovation**: A year after the launch of the "Soft-Max" series, Sino-doll has been continuously upgrading and developing its products, deeply studying user needs, and focusing on functional research and development as well as product design.

2. **Integration of Technology and Craftsmanship**: The new 「Ace Soft-Max」model T155 integrates practical value, visual enjoyment, and spiritual pursuit, aiming to provide a unique sensory experience.

3. **Material and Design Improvements**: The new doll has been perfected in terms of appearance design, material selection, and technological innovation, using materials with increased elasticity, durability, resistance to oil, and longevity of painting.

4. **Optimization of User Experience**: Considering the daily use experience of users, the softness of the doll's body is allocated based on the softness and hardness structure of the human body, with numerous experimental tests to restore authenticity in touch.

5. **Innovative Joint Design**: The palm joint design of the 「Soft-Max」T155 model allows for more free hand movements, capable of grasping and lifting objects like a real person.

6. **Realistic Breast Design**: Based on the structure of human breasts and mammary glands, the new breast design offers a realistic touch, smoother, more delicate, and softer than soft-core egg tarts.

7. **Authentic Emotional Effects**: To make the emotional effects more realistic, Sino-doll even refined the makeup to simulate changes in areola color caused by hormonal changes.

8. **Vaginal and Anal Design**: The upgrade of the vaginal entrance width and the addition of a short anal channel aim to improve the sexual experience, adsorption, and wrapping feelings.

9. **Simulated Meat Shield BBW Type**: The newly added meat shield BBW type of vagina provides a moderate amount of soft flesh without losing firmness, offering a multi-layered wrapping sensation.

10. **Buttocks Design**: The buttocks of the 「Ace Soft-Max」do not set an upper limit for softness, pursuing a touch similar to the flesh-like feeling of a real person.

11. **Enhancement of Aesthetic Standards**: Sino-doll's aesthetic standard continues to improve, launching the "Artist Makeup" created through long-term collaboration with a well-known visual art makeup effects team.

12. **Personalization and Attention to Detail**: Sino-doll pays attention to personalization and detail, from product images and videos to customization options, the waiting process, the exciting unboxing moment, and considerate after-sales service.

13. **Brand Identity**: Sino-doll is committed to providing positive emotional value, with every product optimization and technological improvement based on the actual needs and spiritual pursuit of doll lovers, creating a strong brand identity.

Campaign period: 5/25~6/2

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【T-155 cm H-cup body

155 cm H-cup body softness

【ACE Soft-Max T155 + T33 Migao (Artist Makeup)】

【ACE Soft-Max T155 + T35 Mili(RRS+Makeup)】



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