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Tayu Doll Silicone Sex Doll 155cm/5.085ft I-cup with Head A6(Oral function selectable)

Tayu Doll Silicone Sex Doll 155cm/5.085ft I-cup with Head A6(Oral function selectable) Item NO.: 1628070

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  • Tayu doll finally has the first single head that supports oral sex. The default mouth depth is 13cm.
  • The new head is a new series of body design, default with 148cm body, after that there will be a new body with. The default interface is M16 bolt.
  • The new A6 head is a little smaller than the old A6 single head, adapting to the old body neck of 155cm may have a small gap, but does not affect the use.
  • We recommend that you choose the new 148cm body.
  • When you buy, We will take pics before the doll packaging and send them to you by email to make sure it is the doll you want.
  • Manufactured by Tayu Doll
  • -Free Gift:EVO Skeleton,Movable Eyes, Ultra Soft Vagina&Boobs,Neck Hanging Hook.
  • -Free Shipping on all orders.
  • -The package can be tracked once shipped.
  • -Customized doll will be delivered in 3-4 weeks. Processing and delivery time may be delayed during the Chinese holiday .
  • -The model has been styled with hair, clothing, and accessories for photo display. All of our dolls come with the following things: 1*blanket, 1*pair of handling gloves, 1*cleaning pot, 1*comb, 2* free wigs, 1*random free outfit (different from the pictures).
Product Name Tayu Doll Silicone Sex Doll 155cm/5.085ft I-cup with Head A6(Oral function selectable)
Item NO. 1628070
Weight 27 kg = 59.5248 lb = 952.3970 oz
Category By Brand > Tayu Doll(silicone) > 155cm I-cup 27kg
Tag Art doll , art , artdoll , Tayu
Brand Tayu DoLL
Creation Time 2021-02-07

Doll Measurements

Material Silicone 
155 cm / 5.085 ft
Shoulder 35 cm / 13.78 inch

27 kg / 59.5 lb

96 cm / 37.8 inch
66 cm / 25.98 inch
Waist 57 cm / 22.44 inch
92 cm / 36.22 inch
Arm length
55 cm / 21.65 inch
21.5 cm /8.46 inch
Anal depth 13 cm / 5.12 inch Vagina depth 13 cm / 5.12 inch
Mouth depth 13cm(only available on new A6 head) Package


See more option details→Tayu Doll Options】

Tayu Doll is a brand of silicone love dolls newly established in recent years.It used to be called ARTdoll, and was modified to Tayu doll because of the need for promotion. The dolls are made of soft silicone, a material that was originally developed by Tayu Doll, and they are about 10 kg lighter than dolls of the same height range made by other brands, yet they are as soft as TPE material. In addition, the doll is completely reproduced, down to the blood vessels that show through the skin, the skin patterns unique to the human body, and even the wrinkles on the palms of the hands. The skeleton also uses the latest model of the originally developed skeleton to achieve the same range of motion as a human. The fingers also have metal skeletons built into the first, second, and third joints.This brand's dolls come standard with the new skeleton and independent function.


Free Option【Skin Color】1.Pink 2.Yellow 3.Wheat 

*Pink skin is the previous natural. If you are purchasing a head unit for a body with previous natural skin, just select pink for the skin color.

Skin color comparison video

Free Option【Wig】

Free Option【Eye Color】1. Blue  2. Purple 3. Black  4. Light Green 5. Dark Green


Free Option【Areola Color】1.Pink  2.Light Tan  3.Dark Tan

Free OptionAreola Size】If you need more than 5 cm, please write it in the remarks column.  

Free Option【Vagina Color 】1.Pink 2.Light Tan  3.Dark Tan

Free Option【Vagina Type・Pubic Hair】1.Fixed Vagina 2.Insert Vagina /NormalWith pubic hair

Free Option【1.Standing with exposed bolts・2.Standing without exposed bolts 3. Hard Feet with exposed bolts 4.Hard Feet without exposed bolts

 tips:If your doll needs to remain standing for a long time, then we recommand you to choose hard feet with exposed bolts standing option.

Charging option [Butt soft finish and voice function].

1.Normal 2.Soft Butt

Charging option [eyebrow hair transplant].

【Reference video of Insert Vagina installation】

2.Hanging storage (Hanging hardware is included)



   ※ The accessories include one wig and one set of hanging hardware.

4.Moving Area

5.Head Joint


※The Tayu Doll joint is of a special construction, but can be modified to allow the connection of an M16 head if necessary. No modification fee will be charged.

6.Product Page

 Click:Tayu doll Product List

7.Softness Video

8.Body Compare Photo

155cm 162cm

170cm 155cm,162cm,170cmの比較画像


9.Head and Body Application Chart



I got a really good doll and I love her. She looks great and is awesome to use!
And I should say the customer service is really great. Many thanks!



Wonderful, much better than I had ever imaged before!!