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Full silicone Sino Doll hips mold with soft finish for vagina and butt

Full silicone Sino Doll hips mold with soft finish for vagina and butt Item NO.: 3060811

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$ 499.00
Vagina depth
10cm 13cm 16cm
soft-max(on sale) soft-pro
Vagina Textures
1 Slowly Play Version of Mature Women 2 The Domineering Lady Type 3 Firm and Elastic Girl Type
Customized Requirements

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  • Brand: Sino Doll
  • Material: Medical grade silicone
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Height: 21cm
  • Waist: 70cm
  • Hips: 93cm
  • Vagina, buttocks and thighs soft finish available
Product Name Full silicone Sino Doll hips mold with soft finish for vagina and butt
Item NO. 3060811
Weight 6.5 kg = 14.3300 lb = 229.2808 oz
Category By Brand > Sino Doll(silicone)
Tag Sino Doll , SIno , hips , sino torso
Brand Sino Doll
Creation Time 2021-12-03

1.This product is made of quasi-medical quality silicone material, which is close to human skin and has a more vibrant appearance than TPE material. The product is made of quasi-medical high quality silicone material, which is closer to human skin than TPE material, and is safer and more durable. 

2.The material is comfortable and feels like human skin, perfectly reproducing the thick and heavy feeling of the buttocks. 

3.The design of the vagina passage is completely the same as that of a human being, so that it can be inserted through the vagina and pistoned continuously. 

4.In addition, the folds and warty protrusions are mixed together to squeeze and tighten the calyx and create a tight climax from the uterine vestibule. You will feel a large amount of release in the tightly clenched uterine cervix that reproduces the climax.

5.The vagina, buttocks, and thighs have a soft finish that is soft and super comfortable. It's perfect for floor masturbation freaks. It's also perfect for floor masturbation freaks.

【Pro-soft&Soft-max softness comparison】

Sino-doll is a high quality and low price silicone doll brand established in 2008. There is an exclusive distributor for Sino-doll in Taiwan, Japan and other regions. The production factory is located in Shunde, Guangdong, China. We have over 10 years of experience in the silicone doll industry. The factory uses the safest material (platinum silicone) to produce high simulation dolls and masturbators. With special and unique production technology, the surface of the models is smooth, delicate and elastic, with softness, elasticity, and human skin sensation and beauty as good as TPE.

1.Options Description

 Free Options【Skin Color Option】 1.White 2.Natural 3.Pink 4.Tan

Comparison image of skin tone 

 Free Options【Eyeball Color】 

 Free Options【Wigs】 

 Free Options【Lip Color】 

 Free Options【Fingernail Color】 

 Free Options【Toenail Color】 

 Free Options【Areola Color】 1. Natural 2.Pink 3.Light Tan 4.Tan

 Free Options【Areola Size】If you need more than 5 cm, please write it in the remarks column.  

 Free Options【Labia Color】 1.Pink 2.Red 3.Light Tan 4.Tan

 Free Options【Vagina Type・Depth】 1.Fixed 2.Insert(removable)

Tips:For Fixed Vagina:you can choose depth as 10/13/16/18cm

        For Insert Vagina:18cm depth is the default option

 Reference video of Insert Vagina installation】 

 Free Options【Standing feet】 1.Normal 2.Standing with exposed bolts 3.Standing without exposed bolts

If you are going to have the doll stand up more often, I would recommend using the standing version with the exposed bolts, but if you are not going to have the doll stand up much, I think the non-exposed bolts will be the better choice. 

 Charging Options 【Pubic Hair・Hymen】  1.Shaved 2.Pubic Hair#1 3.Pubic Hair#2 4.With Hymen

 Charging Options【Soft finishing option】1.Normal 2.With Soft finishing option

Soft finishing of the chest and stomach is our default specification, so we will add it for free.

Charging options [Voice and temperature functions]

 Charging Options【Sunburn scar, eyebrow and eyelash implants】 

※Since the Sinodoll head is generally soft, only the lower eyelashes can be implanted. Upper eyelashes cannot be implanted at present because it is difficult to fix and define the shape of the implanted eyelashes.

 Charging Options【Tattoos・Ink painting】  

 Charging Options【Face makeup option】 

①"Smooth Matte Makeup" is a special makeup method added to eliminate the unique shine of silicone. It is refreshing to the touch, reduces light reflection, and makes your photos look more natural. It is especially recommended for those who love photography. The head will be set a little harder than usual.

②The wax make-up is a more realistic make-up (paint) finish on top of Smooth Matte. The face will look more realistic and smooth. The amount of bleeding is also reduced.

③The process is as follows: Normal → Smooth Matte → Wax Doll Makeup.

Left:Normal Makeup                Middle:Wax Makeup        Right:Smooth Matte Makeup (as below image)

 Charging Options【Body makeup option】 

-Left: With realistic Makeup       Right:Normal Makeup

2.1 Hanging storage-Metal hanging hook is included.


2.2 Joint Compatibility 

※The connection bolts on the body side of the Sinodoll can be removed, and the M16 threaded heads of other manufacturers can be attached to the Sinodoll body using the connection bolts of WMDOLL or other manufacturers. You will be able to attach other companies' M16 threaded heads to the Sinodoll body using connection bolts such as WMDOLL. However, there is a color difference between the face and the body.

2.3 How to connect and disconnect the head

3.Packing & Accessories 


 ※The accessories include 1 wig, 1 comb, 1 USB warmer, 1 cleaning pump, and 1 set of hanging brackets.

 ※A flight case is also available for packing, for an additional charge.

4.New skeleton and moving area

  ※The new skeleton will be our default specification, and the movable area is as shown above. Please check the video to see how to operate the joints.

5.Body comparison images

152cm-D cup 155cm-J cup

158cm-B cup 159cm-N cup

160cm-E cup 161cm-E cup

162㎝-F cup 172cm-H cup

【160cm-162cm-161cm Body comparison images

6.Factory view

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