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Full Silicone AIO Sanhui Doll 125cm E-cup #11 head with seamless cute kitty costume

Full Silicone AIO Sanhui Doll 125cm E-cup #11 head with seamless cute kitty costume Item NO.: 3764602

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$ 2,749.00
Skin Color
White Natural Light Tan Tan
Eye Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17
Mouth Open/close function
None Yes(+$ 50.00)
Flexible Skeleton
Flexible Skeleton(+$ 200.00)
Joint type
Tight Loose(posture can not be fixed)
Areola Color
#1 #2 #3 #4
Areola Size
3cm 4cm 5cm 6cm 7cm 8cm
Labia Color
#1 #2 #3 #4
None Yes(+$ 50.00)
Pubic Hair
none #1(+$ 50.00) #2(+$ 50.00) #3(+$ 50.00) #4 implanted(+$ 150.00)
Skin textures or not
Normal Textured(+$ 60.00)
Shrugging shoulder
No Yes(+$ 65.00)
Ultra Soft Butt
Normal Ultra soft butt(+$ 75.00)
Ultra Soft Thigh
Normal Ultra Soft Thigh(+$ 150.00)
No standing hard feet(+$ 60.00) Standing with bolts(+$ 65.00)
Free gift
Ultra Soft Vagina/Boobs/Belly.Permanent Nipple and Vagina Pigmentation
Customized Requirements

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  • Sanhuidolls handled by KUMA Doll come standard with the following options. Please understand that even if you remove any of them, you will not be able to get a discount for them.
  • Jiggly breast (soft breast)
  • Soft belly
  • (3) Areolas and labia enhanced pigmentation
  • (4) Soft vagina (soft finish of vagina)
  • (5) Doll's hanging hardware
Product Name Full Silicone AIO Sanhui Doll 125cm E-cup #11 head with seamless cute kitty costume
Item NO. 3764602
Weight 26 kg = 57.3202 lb = 917.1230 oz
Category By Brand > SanhuiDoll(TPE+silicone) > 125cm E-cup AIO 18kg
Tag sanhuidoll , sanhui
Brand Sanhui Doll
Creation Time 2023-08-21

Doll Measurements

Material Silicone
125 cm / 4ft1 AIO
27 cm
18 kg 
68 cm
Under Breast 48 cm 
Waist 40 cm

70 cm

Arm length
47 cm
19 cm 
Vagina depth
16 cm
Anal depth
16 cm 
Mouth depth 14 cm
Package 130×34×26 cm

See more option details→Sanhui Doll Options】

SANHUI Model Making Co., LTD is a love doll brand that was established in 2010. All dolls are made of high quality medical grade platinum silicone imported from Japan, and the skeleton can achieve a wide range of movements that closely mimic the structure of the human body. The silicone of SANHUI dolls is resistant to dirt and dust and is easy to clean. In addition, the high degree of freedom in modeling that only silicone can provide allows for super-realistic expression of human body details.

1.Options Description

 Free Options【Skin Color Option】 1.White 2.Natural 3.Light Tan 4.Tan

  Comparison image of skin tone 

 Free Options【Eyeball Color】

 Free Options【Wigs】 

Free Options【Areola Size】-The nipple size image changes depending on the size of the breast.

Free Options【Areola Color】

 Free Options【Labia Color】

 Free Options【Standing feet】 1. Normal 2.Standing with exposed bolts 3.Standing without exposed bolts

 Charging Options 【Painting Pubic Hair】1.Shaved   2.#1   3.#2   4.#3

Charging Options【Simulated skin and mouth opening/closing function】‐1.No  2.Yes

*Most heads can now support the mouth opening/closing function.

Charging Options【Soft finishing of buttocks and thighs】-1.No 2.Yes

*Soft finishing of breasts and stomach is our default specification, so we will add it for free.

Charging Options【New Skeleton】

Charging Options【Joint loosening and Hymen】1.Standard 2.Loosening Joint / With Hymen

2.Head Joint&Hanging storage-Metal hanging hook is included.


3.Packing & Accessories 

 ※Accessories include 1 wig, 1 USB warmer, 1 cleaning pump (with hose), and 1 set of hanging brackets.

4.New skeleton and moving area

5.Body comparison images

145cm-bust flat 145cm-A cup

145cm-D cup
156cm-C cup

158cm-D cup
160cm-B cup

160cm-C cup

165cm-E cup
165cm-Big breast

168cm-C cup
161cm-C cup

Special Specifications - Fingernails

Softness Video

6.Factory view

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