MLW doll (93)

Myloliwaifu is located in Zhongshan City, which is home to a forest of Chinese doll manufacturers. 

The company's Lolita dolls focus on the combination of elaborate silicone heads made by wax doll craftsmen and new skeletal TPE bodies that give a soft impression. 

The image of an "ideal girl" that is both sadly lovable and fantastically beautiful.... 

The elaborate silicone head and realistic body modeling that captures the most adorable forms of young girls to adolescent girls will satisfy not only Lolita fans but also many other doll fans.

MLW 2023 Summer Sale

Date:June 10-July 10

Buy full silicone doll and the following items are free:

1)Standing without bolt

2)Articulated finger Joint

3)Jelly breast

4)Realistic body makeup

5)Second head free (you can choose silicone or TPE)

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