Jiusheng(TPE+Silicone) (74)

Jiusheng Dolls is a Zhongshan-based manufacturer that is at the center of the love doll industry in China.

The company used to supply head and body designs to several manufacturers, but now it has switched to manufacturing and selling all of its products by itself.

Founder Oscar-Jin graduated from the sculpture department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, one of China's leading art universities, before entering the wax industry. He was mainly involved in the production of wax figures of politicians and celebrities.

One day in 2014, when a client asked him to sculpt the figure of his late wife, his consciousness changed and the conversation turned to love dolls. He realized that the love dolls he had made up to that point could never meet this customer's needs. Finally, he decided to start Kusen Dolls. The dolls have realistic heads, cute makeup, soft skin and flexible bones. We provide people with dolls that are truly alive and full of life.

Since then, this has been the manufacturer's goal.

JIUSHENG 2023 Summer Sale

Date:June 10-July 10

Buy full silicone doll and the following items are free:

Articulated finger Joint

Standing without bolt

Jelly breast

Realistic body makeup

Second head free (you can choose silicone or TPE)

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