FUDOLL(TPE+Silicone) (79)


FUdoll is a doll brand that was established in 2020. They mainly produce sex dolls with Asian faces and bodies, and their most popular products are silicone heads with TPE bodies. Their factory uses strict 5A-style management to ensure the quality of their dolls, and they have recently received a lot of positive reviews, so you can shop their products with confidence.

FUDOLL Super Weight loss Body Promotion

(silicone 148cm and 155cm body)
Time: Jul 16- Aug31

Promotion content:
1. Purchase silicone 148cm and 155cm set dolls,  will enjoy the super weight loss body as default.
2. Free of charge for the articulated Finger Joint option.

Information about the super weight reduction: 

1) at present, only available for the silicone 148cm and 155cm bodies . 

2)The weight of the 148cm silicone body only is about 20kg, which is 6-7kg less than the normal type.

3)The weight of the 155cm silicone body only is about 30kg, which is 4-5kg less than the normal type.

Promotions Specialized Doll Links:

1. FUDOLL TPE doll-specific Page (head and body free combination)

2. FUDOLL Silicone doll-specific Page(head and body free combination)

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