Game Lady (34)


Game Lady is a new brand of silicone dolls created in 2022 that specializes in producing sex dolls based on female characters from games. This is currently one of the most recreated doll brands you can find for game characters. They use medical grade silicone material and alloy internal skeleton to manufacture the dolls.

But please note that these are not products directly operated by these game character companies.
They fill the gap in the game role doll products, perfect for those game role fans to complete their collections.

Game Lady Summer Sale

Date:September 1,2023 - September 30,2023

Buy a full silicone doll, the following items are free.
Free Random Extra GLD Head
Free Red Bandage Outfit
Free Upgraded-Skeleton
Free Finger Skeleton 
Free Gel Breast& GelButtock 
Free Hard Feet & Hard Hand
Free Realistic Body Painting

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