SHEDOLL(TPE&silicone) (139)


SHEDOLL was founded in 2022 and their products first opened up in Asia with their very cute Asian faces and many different body sizes.
The removable jaw and oral function are their specialty features, and the best part is that their newest oral function doesn't distort the eye part after the mouth is opened.
If you like dolls with Asian faces, don't miss this brand.

SHEDOLL New Year Event


Buy a full silicone doll, get free movable jaw upgrade.

The event does not include Lengyue, Huizi, Annie, Qing, and Chuyu.

SHEDOLL Function Update

Legs spread, vagina deformation reduced.

SHEDOLL has been updated with new technology that will provide users with a more realistic experience. Each body is now optimized. The Vagina deformation is greatly reduced when the legs are spread.This update making SHEDOLL feel more lifelike than ever before.

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