Starpery (silicone) (16)

Starpery is a manufacturer that uses soft silicone for its body and is famous for its original realistic makeup. Realistic makeup such as blood vessels and swimsuit marks can be done, and there are two types of dolls: one made of full silicone, and the other with a silicone head and TPE body!

Starpery Doll Black Friday Sale

From Nov 20-30, when you buy starpery set doll, you will enjoy below free options:

(Save $1500)

Free 2nd Head for 1st 100 orders

Free Gel Breast

Free Standing $ Shrugging
Free New Articulated Fingers
Free Upgraded Gear Skeleton
Free Implanted Synthetic Hair

Free Movable Eyes with Veins

Free Heating Blanket (with Plug adaptor)