Starpery (silicone) (28)

Starpery is a manufacturer that uses soft silicone for its body and is famous for its original realistic makeup. Realistic makeup such as blood vessels and swimsuit marks can be done, and there are two types of dolls: one made of full silicone, and the other with a silicone head and TPE body!

Starpery 2023 Valentine's Day Promotion

From Jan 7-Feb 14, when you buy starpery set doll, you will enjoy below free options:

1. Free moveable eyes with veins
2. Free gel breast
3. Free Standing feet and shrugged shoulder
4. Free body realism
5. Free New Whole body heating system ( First 50 orders only)

January new technology-- Starpery will launch out our Heating system 3.0 : 

* Graphene material
* Whole body heating ( chest/belly/back/vagina/hip/thigh/calf)
* Exclusive APP + Intelligent use

The new heating system does not provide after-sales service currently. Customers who enjoy free heating can send their experience and suggestions after use. We will select lucky fans to send special gifts.

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