ZELEX(silicone) (29)


ZELEX is a sex dolls maker based in (ZhongShan, Guangdong, China). From the beginning of the sex doll entry, they have a good reputation for the extremely elaborate little girl head and beautiful girl head that are oriented towards loli. There are silicone head + TPE and full silicone, and full silicone has heads from beautiful women to general feminine and mature women.They have 3 subsidiaries. WAX Doll and AXB Doll and Angel Diary. WAX is their silicone doll sub-brand, and AXB is their TPE doll sub-brand. Angel Diary is a collaborative brand.These brands are popular in Asia but not well-known in the Western. Zelex plans to bring these popular Asian brands to the West. However, they are all unified under the brand ZELEX on TDF, and has been active on TDF and their boutiques will mainly promote the brand ZELEX.  

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