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PiperDoll Full Silicone Sex Doll AIO 150cm B-cup Akira Seamless

PiperDoll Full Silicone Sex Doll AIO 150cm B-cup Akira Seamless Item NO.: 3522607

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$ 3,100.00
Skin Color
White Pink Dark Tan
Eye Color
Blue Green Green Brown Purple Blue
Extra Eye Color
No Need Blue Green(+$ 20.00) Green(+$ 20.00) Brown(+$ 20.00) Purple(+$ 20.00) Blue(+$ 20.00)
same as image showing #5 #8 #13 #18 #19 #20 #22 #23 #24 #25 #29 #31
Extra Wig
No Need #5(+$ 20.00) #8(+$ 20.00) #13(+$ 20.00) #18(+$ 20.00) #19(+$ 20.00) #20(+$ 20.00) #22(+$ 20.00) #23(+$ 20.00) #24(+$ 20.00) #25(+$ 20.00) #29(+$ 20.00) #31(+$ 20.00)
Lip Color
same as image showing Pink Magenta Natural Red
Hand Option
Hard hand
Areola Color
same as imaga showing Pink Red Natural Light Tan
Areola Size
3cm 4cm 5cm >5cm
Vagina Color
Pink Red Natural Light Tan
Vagina Type
Standing Feet
Standing No Exposed Bolts Standing With Exposed Bolts
Soft Butt
With Soft Butt
Pubic Hair
Shaved Pubic hair - paste type(+$ 50.00)
Free Gifts
EVO skeleton movable eye line soft finish of breast and vagina realistic make-up of body
Customized Requirements

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  • *It takes about 25 days from the time of order settlement.
Product Name PiperDoll Full Silicone Sex Doll AIO 150cm B-cup Akira Seamless
Item NO. 3522607
Weight 31 kg = 68.3433 lb = 1093.4928 oz
Category By Brand > Piper Doll(TPE+silicone)
Brand Piper Doll
Creation Time 2022-09-18

Specification and Size

150 cm B-cup
30.8 cm
about 25 kg
Top Breast
72.4 cm
Under Bresast
58.8 cm
Waist 51.8 cm
85.7 cm
Arm Length
46.7 cm
18.5 cm
Vagina Length
17 cm
Anal Depth
14 cm
Mouth Depth
154×38×26 cm

【piperdoll silicone softness test slow motion video

【Realistic Makeup】

Hanging Storage-This silicone version can be hung for storage as well


PIPER DOLL is a brand of high quality love dolls with the development concept of "the most perfect doll" The PIPER DOLL series of love dolls are seamless head models with no boundaries between head and body. The PIPER DOLL series of love dolls is a seamless head model with no border between the head and the body, which is completely different from the conventional TPE dolls that require various accessories to hide the border between the head and the body, achieving the ultimate reality. The material used is platinum TPE, which is flexible, durable, and odorless, and the wigs, costumes, and other accessories uniquely designed for the PIPER DOLL fit the doll perfectly. The wigs, outfits, and other accessories uniquely designed for PIPER DOLL will fit your doll just right, so you can enjoy the perfect beauty of your doll from the moment you open the package.

1.Options Description

 Free Options【Skin Color Option】 1.White 2.Pink 3.Yellow 4.Light Tan  5.Tan

Comparison image of skin tone

 Free Options【Eyeball Color】 1.Blue&Green 2.Blue 3.Green 4.Brown 5.Red 6.Purple

 Free Options【Wigs】 

 Free Options【Lip Color】 1.Normal 2.Coating

Free OptionsBreast Type&Vagina Type】- 1.Fixed Breast 2.Hollow Breast 3.Jelly Breast/1.Fixed Vagina 2.Insert

*Jelly breast and hollow breast are not available for B cup or smaller breast size.

 Reference video of Insert Vagina installation】 

Free Options【Areola Size】If you need more than 5 cm, please write it in the remarks column.  

 Free Options【Areola Color】 1. Natural 2.Pink 3.Light Tan 4.Tan

 Free Options【Labia Color】 1.Natural 2.Pink 3.Light Tan 4.Tan

Free Option [Structure in the hole] - The structure selection varies depending on the height of the doll.

Free option [Finger and toe nail color].

Fingernail: ①Natural ②French Pink 

Toenail:1.French Pink 2.Red 3.Pink 4.Natural

 Charging Options [Skeleton Option] - EVO skeleton is not available for 100cm dolls.

 Free Options【Standing feet】 1. Normal 2.Standing with exposed bolts 

 Charging Options 【Pubic Hair】  1.Shaved 2.Pubic Hair

2.Hanging storage - Metal hanging hook is included.

3.Packing & Accessories 


   ※Accessories include 1 wig, 1 comb, 1 USB warmer, 1 blanket, and 1 set of hanging hardware.

4.New skeleton and moving area

※The movable range of the new skeleton type is as shown above. This is a paid option, with an additional charge of 5,000 yen.

5.Factory view


①Material of piperdoll

Based on medical TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer), we have adopted our own platinum TPE, which is extremely soft and durable. 100% of the TPE material is medical TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) made by Kuraray, a Japanese manufacturer. The TPE material is 100% medical TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) made by Kuraray, a Japanese manufacturer (manufactured in the U.S.), which is a non-toxic, odorless and safe material.

Features of the piperdollThe seamless body with integrated head and body is very natural, with no line between the neck and head, even when looking up from below or scrunching up the nape of the neck. Also, the head will not come off during play. The piperdoll can be used for oral (blowjob), vaginal, and anal play. Also, as of November 2019, the mouth can now have a tongue function. You can change the expression with your tongue. This is the default specification and no additional charge is required.

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