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Top Sino Love Doll 169cm G-cup T1D MiYou head RRS+ Makeup selectable  Flying Apsaras

Top Sino Love Doll 169cm G-cup T1D MiYou head RRS+ Makeup selectable Flying Apsaras Item NO.: 3835472

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$ 4,799.00
same as image showing T21(RRS+ Selectable) T22(RRS+ Selectable) T23(RRS+ Selectable) T25(RRS+ Selectable) T1D(RRS+ Selectable) T26(RRS+ Selectable) T27(RRS+ Selectable) T28(RRS+ Selectable) T29(RRS+ Selectable) T30(RRS+ Selectable) T31(RRS+ Selectable) T33(RRS+ Selectable) T35(RRS+ Selectable) D9(RRS+ Selectable)(+$ 200.00) D10(RRS+ Selectable)(+$ 200.00)
same as image showing #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 Implanted Hair(+$ 600.00)
Eye Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
Eyebrow and eyelash transplants
Drawing eyebrows Transplanted eyebrow and lower lash(+$ 120.00)
Lip Color
same as image showing #1 #2 #3 #4
Mouth opening and closing options
NO YES(+$ 50.00)
Skin Color
White Light Tan Dark Tan
Fingernail Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
Toenail Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
Areola Color
same as image showing #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Aerola Size
3cm 4cm 5cm >5cm
Vagina Color
same as image showing #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Vagina Type
1.Built-in Depth 10cm 2.Built-in Depth 13cm 3.Built-in Depth 16cm 4.Built-in Depth 18cm 5.Insert(removable) Depth 18cm
Vagina Textures
1 The Domineering Lady Type 2 Slowly Play Version of Mature Women 3 Firm and Elastic Girl Type
NO YES(no available for insert vagina type)
Pubic Hair
Shaved #1(+$ 50.00) #2(+$ 50.00)
Standing Feet
Standing With Exposed Bolts Standing no Exposed Bolts
Bikini Line
NO YES(+$ 60.00)
Voice Function
NO YES(+$ 100.00)
Heating Function
NO YES(+$ 150.00)
No 1(+$ 50.00) 2(+$ 50.00) 3(+$ 50.00) 4(+$ 50.00) 5(+$ 50.00) 6(+$ 50.00)
soft-pro ACE Soft-Max(only avalible for 155H)
Air Bag Vagina
Yes(155H only)(+$ 90.00) No
Ultra Soft Butt
Yes(155H only)(+$ 120.00) No
Free Gifts
New skeleton gaze movable breasts belly thighs buttocks and vagina soft finish detachable tongue
Customized Requirements

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  • Sinodolls handled by KUMA Doll come standard with the following options
  • *The images show the RRS+ make-up face and body.
  • *The price is including the RRS+ make-up face and body.
  • ①. Soft finishing of chest, belly, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Shrug Joint Feature (new skeleton type that can cower the shoulders)
  • 3). Soft Vagina, Soft Anal (Softening inside of Anal and Vagina)
  • ④. Removable tongue, finger joints and hand joints with finger tips to prevent finger sticking out.
  • ⑤. Doll hanging fixture and eyeball adjustment device
  • Movable Mechanical Eyes - Eyeballs that can move the line of sight
  • Hair transplant (hair transplant) and other options are also available. ⑦.Hair transplant (hair transplant) and other options are also available, but please contact us by e-mail to discuss hair styles, etc.
  • (8) RRS body animation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wNkYK3wnutNWpniZ4vS6F2hDCgJSguLX/view?usp=sharing
  • (9) RRS shower video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q7B2AtQY2M-fymS5UmunDhk3RKzq9XZ5/view?usp=sharing
  • ⑩Finger joint animation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11Uuaf4zcP6i7h1UMdDlQmOjd0NOt6M_a/view?usp=sharing
  • ⑪Breast softness video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ofYwhH2WuFVllR9JHMoCSZTCMZRtep61/view?usp=sharing
  • ⑫Optional configurations for the images shown are as follows
  • Head option: T27
  • Wig: Same as in the published image
  • Eyeball color: #1
  • Eyebrow and eyelash implants: With implants (eyebrow and upper eyelash implants)
  • Lip Color:Same as shown in the picture
  • Mouth Opening/Closing Option: With opening/closing function
  • Skin color option: White
  • Finger color: #1
  • Toe color: #1
  • Nipple Color:Same as shown in the picture
  • Nipple size: 4cm
  • Vagina color:#5
  • Hole Type:2. Built-in - depth 13cm
  • Virgin membrane option:No
  • Pubic hair option:Normal
  • Self-standing option: Self-standing processed (no exposed bolts)
  • Tanning Scar: Normal
  • Facial makeup option: RRS + makeup included
  • Body makeup option: RRS + makeup included
  • *Currently only T1D, T21, T22, T25, T26, T27, and T28 heads are available with RRS+Makeup.
Product Name Top Sino Love Doll 169cm G-cup T1D MiYou head RRS+ Makeup selectable Flying Apsaras
Item NO. 3835472
Weight 39 kg = 85.9803 lb = 1375.6845 oz
Category By Brand > Top Sino(silicone) > 169cm G-cup 36kg
Tag Top-Sino , sinodoll , RRS , RRSメイク , topsino ラブドール
Brand Top-Sino
Creation Time 2023-11-15

Specification and Size

169 cm G-cup
37 cm
about 36 kg
Top Breast
88 cm
Under Breast
64 cm
Waist 58 cm
93 cm
Arm Length
68 cm
23 cm
Vagina Depth
10~18 cm
Anal Depth
10 cm
Mouth Depth
8 cm

160×43×30 cm

Thigh Circumference 88 cm Neck 24.5cm

Option Details

See more option details image→Top Sino Doll Options】

【Face Makeup - Comparison Detailed Image】

【Body Realistic Makeup - Comparison Detailed Image】

①【RRS Makeup】

RRS Makeup Description: Full body (including face) with simulated skin, blood vessel makeup, emphasized realistic makeup, and realistic coloring of parts.


RRS+Makeup: The first "R" stands for surrealistic painting, the second "R" is for realistic skin texture, and "S" is for smooth matte effect. The "+" stands for further improvement of the realistic skin texture from the head molding and upgraded body details.

【Product Video】


Top Sino is a product series evolved from Sinodoll. The modeling, makeup, skin texture, model face, etc. are more realistic than the previous Sinodoll love dolls. The Top series is divided into RS makeup and RRS makeup. 

[RS Makeup]: With simulated skin for the whole body (including face) and blood vessel makeup. 

[RRS Makeup]: There is a real make-up that is further emphasized based on the RS make-up, and a real coloring of the part.The standard equipment of the Top series love dolls is as follows. 

①. The chest, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks have a soft finish. 

②. Shrug Joint Feature (new skeleton type that allows you to give up your shoulders) 

③. Soft vagina, soft anal (It is a process to soften the inside of the anal and vagina) 

④. Detachable tongue, joints on fingers (not wires), fingertip piercing prevention processing of finger joints

⑤. Doll hanging bracket and vagina washer & dryer set 

⑥. Movable Mechanical Eyes * Since the outlet for voice / temperature function is not set on the head of Top Sino, voice / temperature processing is not possible.


Free Options【Skin Color Option】 


 Actual comparison image of skin tone 


Free Options【Eyeball Color】 


Free Options【Wigs】 


Free Options【Lip Color】 


Free Options【Fingernail Color】 


Free Options【Toenail Color】 

Free Options【Areola Color】 

Free Options【Areola Size】If you need more than 5 cm, please write it in the remarks column.  


Free Options【Labia Color】 

Free Options【Vagina Type・Depth】 

【Reference video of detachable hole installation】 

Free Options【Standing feet】 


※If you are going to have the doll stand up more often, I would recommend using the freestanding version with the exposed bolts, but if you are not going to have the doll stand up much, I think the non-exposed bolts will be the better choice. 

Charging Options 【Pubic Hair・Hymen】  

Charging Options【Sunburn scar, eyebrow and eyelash implants】 


※Since the Sinodoll head is generally soft, only lower eyelashes can be implated. Upper eyelashes are currently not available due to the difficulty in fixing and defining the shape of the lashes. 

Charging Options【Tattoos・Ink painting  

Charging Options【Face makeup option】 


Charging Options【Body makeup option】 

①【RS makeup】 

RS makeup description:Full body (including face) with simulated skin and vascular makeup.

②【RRS makeup】

RRS makeup description:Full body (including face) with simulated skin, vascular makeup, emphasized realistic makeup, and realistic coloring of the part.

【RRS makeup review pictures from real customers】 

2.1 Hanging storage - Metal hanging hook is included.

2.2 Joint Compatibility

2.3 How to connect and disconnect the head

3.Packing & Accessories 


 ※The accessories include 1 wig, 1 comb, 1 USB warmer, 1 simple cleaning pump, 1 eyeball adjustment device, 1 bikini, and 1 set of hanging brackets.  

※Flight case is also available as an option for packaging, for an additional fee (38,000 yen). 

4.New skeleton and moving area

  ※The new skeleton is our default specification, and the movable area is as shown above. Please check the video for joint operation.

5.Body comparison images

159cm-G cup

159cm-G cup

158cm-D cup

163cm-F cup

6.Factory view



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