Top Sino(silicone) (64)


Top Sino is a product series evolved from Sinodoll. The modeling, makeup, skin texture, model face, etc. are more realistic than the previous Sinodoll love dolls. The Top series is divided into RS makeup and RRS makeup. 

[RS Makeup]: With simulated skin for the whole body (including face) and blood vessel makeup. 

[RRS Makeup]: There is a real make-up that is further emphasized based on the RS make-up, and a real coloring of the part.The standard equipment of the Top series love dolls is as follows. 

①. The chest, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks have a soft finish. 

②. Shrug Joint Feature (new skeleton type that allows you to give up your shoulders) 

③. Soft vagina, soft anal (It is a process to soften the inside of the anal and vagina) 

④. Detachable tongue, joints on fingers (not wires), fingertip piercing prevention processing of finger joints

⑤. Doll hanging bracket and vagina washer & dryer set 

⑥. Movable Mechanical Eyes * Since the outlet for voice / temperature function is not set on the head of Top Sino, voice / temperature processing is not possible.

Top-sino face makeup and body makeup Correspondence List



RS makeup RRS Makeup RRS+ Makeup artist makeup
ACE softmax
head all topsino heads
T1T2T3T1BT5T6T9L1L2T10T11T15T17T18T20T1ST12T13T16Makoto Toda,Kaede Karen,Amatsuka Moe,Akari Tsumugi,Airka Yamagishi,Akari Tsumugi
T1DT21T22T23T25T26T27T28T29T30T31D9 Nanatsumori Riri,D10 Ishihara-Nozomi,
all topsino heads
body all topsino bodies
90cm torso F-cup, 95cm torso D-cup,145cm B-cup,148cm E-cup,150cm D-cup,157cm D-cup,158cm D-cup,159cm G-cup,163cm F-cup,165cm G-cup,170cm B-cup
93cm torso G-cup,160cm H-cup,161cm E-cup,164cm E-cup,168cm D-cup,169cm G-cup,153cm B-cup,153cm E-cup

155cm H-cup

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