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XTDOLL 【3.1-3.31】Buy a full silicone doll, get additional head 50% off  and free options

XTDOLL 【3.1-3.31】Buy a full silicone doll, get additional head 50% off and free options Item NO.: 4065867

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$ 1,999.00
Aerene(ROS unavailable) Amelia Eleanor(ROS unavailable) Elena Eva Evelina(ROS unavailable) Everleigh(ROS unavailable) Hailey(ROS unavailable) Ilina Jennifer(ROS unavailable) Lily Lin Lola(ROS unavailable) Mercat(ROS unavailable) Mia(ROS unavailable) Miss Bing Nancy phoebe(ROS unavailable) Ruby(ROS unavailable) Sally(ROS unavailable) Scarlett Serene(ROS unavailable) Susan Vienve Xiaojoe Yomi want other options
Head Material
Hard silicone head (without oral function) Soft silicone head (no oral function) Not compatible with hair implantation Soft silicone head ROS(+$ 200.00)
Eye Color
Same as images Black Blue Brown Dark brown Dark gray Emerald green Sky Blue
Extra Head
Yes(50% off)please write down the detail options(+$ 300.00) No
Same as images #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Black Hair-planting (hard silicon head only)(+$ 350.00) Brown Hair-planting (hard silicon head only)(+$ 350.00) Blonde Hair-transplant (hard silicone head only)(+$ 350.00)
Skin Color
Natural Light Tan
Body type
150cm D-cup 157cm C-cup(+$ 200.00) 157cm D-cup(+$ 200.00) 160cm G-cup(+$ 200.00) 162cm G-cup(+$ 300.00) 163cm F-cup(+$ 350.00) 164cm C-cup(+$ 350.00) 168cm C-cup(+$ 350.00)
Areola Color
Same as images Pink Light Brown Brown
Breast Type
Gel Breast
Areola Size
Same as images 3cm 4cm 5cm want other options
Vagina Color
Same as images Pink Light Brown Brown
Vagina Type
Built-in Insert(removable)
Pubic Hair
No Yes(+$ 50.00)
Standing Feet
No Standing with bolts Standing without bolts(+$ 50.00)
Fingernail Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Toenail Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Finger Skeleton
Conventional Wire Joints Articulated Finger Joints($150 off)
Ultra Soft Butt
No Yes(silicone body only)(+$ 100.00)
Body Makeup
No Yes(+$ 150.00)
Voice Option
No Yes(+$ 150.00)
Heating Option
No Yes(+$ 150.00)
Back Hook
No Yes($30 off)
Doll Stand
No Yes($30 off)
Lightweight body
Default Silicone Body Weight Reduction
EVO new skeleton + M16 bolt + movable eye balls+implanted eye lashes and eye brows
Zero Reverse Thrust Vagina
Yes($120 off) No
Customized Requirements

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  • -Customized doll will be delivered in 3-4 weeks.Processing and delivery time may be delayed during the Chinese holiday(The Spring Festival,The Labor Day,The National Day, etc).
Product Name XTDOLL 【3.1-3.31】Buy a full silicone doll, get additional head 50% off and free options
Item NO. 4065867
Weight 22 kg = 48.5017 lb = 776.0272 oz
Category By Brand > XT Doll(TPE+silicone) > 150cm D-cup 19.5kg
Tag XT Doll , XTDOLL
Brand XT Doll
Creation Time 2024-03-04

Doll Measurements

Material Silicone
150 cm / 4ft9
Shoulder 36 cm

19.5 kg 

Upper Breast
74 cm
Under Breast
57 cm 
Waist 52 cm
80 cm
Arm length
42 cm
21 cm
Anal depth 14 cm Vagina depth 15 cm
Mouth depth
135×40×28 cm

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