XT Doll(TPE+silicone) (21)


XTDOLL is a brand of Stormy Rain Technology, they pay great attention to the details of the dolls, including the delicate makeup of the doll's head, the bones of the fingers, the structure of the body, and the breakthroughs in the silicone super-weight reduction technology. xtdoll carries out the research and development of new technologies and products every month in order to satisfy the different needs of the many doll enthusiasts. 
At present, their silicone super weight reduction has been very mature, the weight is light and stable (weight fluctuation of plus or minus 1.5kg) and the material is soft, which is not possible in many factories.

Date: From September 1st to September 30th


1.XTdoll is offering a 25% discount on the Mercat and Lin, and an 15% discount on all other dolls. 

2.All dolls come with a complimentary exquisite body makeup and extra free wig.

XTdoll makeup durability test

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