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SHEDOLL Lolita type Zhiyuan #26 head 165cm/5ft4 E-cup love doll body material customizable

SHEDOLL Lolita type Zhiyuan #26 head 165cm/5ft4 E-cup love doll body material customizable Item NO.: 3838203

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$ 1,350.00
same as image showing #11蔷薇 (Rose) #12梦 (Meng) #13白露 (Bailu) #14楚琳 (Chulin) #15楚玥 (Chuyue) #16青柠 (Qingning) #17悠然 (Youran) #18冷月 (Lengyue) Not available for movable jaw #19楚瑜 (Chuyu) Not available for movable jaw #21 顾小雨 (Guxiaoyu) #22花音(Huayin) #25阿初(Achu) #26芷沅(Zhiyuan) want other options(please tell us the exatly model you want)
Head Material
Same hard silicone head as in the image shown (without oral function) Soft silicone head with movable jaw and realistic oral(+$ 200.00)
Body Type
163cm H-cup(same as image showing) other options
Body Material
TPE(same as image showing) Silicone Material(+$ 699.00)
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Black Hair-planting (silicon head only)(+$ 350.00) Brown Hair-planting (silicon head only)(+$ 350.00) Blonde Hair-transplant (silicone head only)(+$ 350.00)
Eye Color
Dark Brown Blue
Skin Color
Natural Light Tan
Body Makeup
Normal Makeup Realistic Makeup(+$ 200.00)
Face Makeup
Normal Makeup Craftsman Makeup(+$ 150.00)
Areola Size
3cm 4cm 5cm >5cm(please write down the exatly size you want into the customise box)
Areola Color
#1 #2 #3
Breast Type
Jelly Breast (138cm is solid chest only)
Finger Skeleton
Conventional Wire Joints Articulated Finger Joints(only available for 148cm157cm )(+$ 120.00)
Finger Nail Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Vagina Type
Built-in Inser(removable)
Pubic Hair
Shaved With Pubic Hair(+$ 50.00)
Vagina Color
#1 #2 #3
Toenail Color
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Standing Feet
No Standing With Standing
Voice Function
NO Voice function available (sensor inside the body)(+$ 149.00)
Heating Function
No Yes(+$ 149.00)
Free Gifts
EVO new skeleton + M16 bolt + eye finger mobility
Customized Requirements

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  • The delivery time is 15-30 days after the order is placed and paid for.
  • The silicone material head has no hole in the mouth, so it is not possible to suck the head.
  • The TPE head is soft, so eyebrows and eyelashes are not implanted, eyebrows are drawn, and eyelashes are adhesive process.
  • *If hair is desired for hair transplantation, consultation is available regarding the hair type.
  • *The hard silicone head is easy to implant eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair, and is recommended for those who place emphasis on photography. The soft TPE material head has soft lips and is recommended for those who are more concerned with practical use. The silicone head is more realistic than the TPE material.
  • The head of artisan makeup is made up by an experienced craftsman. The veteran craftsman, who has been in charge of facial makeup for love dolls for many years, seeks to create a unique beauty for each model and make them pretty. Please note that if you choose the artisan makeup option, the delivery time may be 7 to 10 days longer than the factory's regular mass-production makeup.
  • EVO skeleton and jelly breasts will be standard specifications, and will be provided free of charge.
  • If the body is made of silicone, the hole type is only one-piece.
  • When the body is made of silicone, all heights can be specified with new technology skeletal joint fingers .
Product Name SHEDOLL Lolita type Zhiyuan #26 head 165cm/5ft4 E-cup love doll body material customizable
Item NO. 3838203
Weight 26 kg = 57.3202 lb = 917.1230 oz
Category By Brand > SHEDOLL(TPE&silicone) > 165cm E-cup 44kg
Creation Time 2023-11-16

Product Specifications & Size

Material TPE&Silicone Height
165cm E-cup
36 cm
44 kg
Top Breast
90 cm
Under Breast
67 cm
Waist 64 cm
96 cm
Arm Length
51 cm
22 cm
Vagina Depth
18 cm
Anal Depth
15 cm
Mouth Depth
153×40×28 cm

Silicone body details showing:

SHEDOLL options description

SHEDOLL was founded in 2022 and their products first opened up in Asia with their very cute Asian faces and many different body sizes.
The removable chin and oral feature are their specialty features, and the best part is that their newest oral feature doesn't distort the eye part after the mouth is opened.
If you like dolls with Asian faces, look no further than this brand.

1.Realistic paint and skin textures

2.Articulated fingers are more natural, making it easy for your doll to have more photo gestures.

3. Uniquely developed fluid filler provides a more delicate tactile feel and more natural breast swaying.

4. The hard-foot line is very fine and cannot be noticed without careful observation.

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